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The story behind this piece is amazing to me. I met Amanda Palmer in April after a performance. I told her I was a tattoo artist and if she ever wanted to get a tattoo it would be my honor because I admire her so much. After photos and what not I was walking away when she called me back. The young lady who met her after me had driven down from upstate NY and wanted to get a tattoo of some lyrics Amanda had written on her arm. I gave the young lady my card. She met me at the shop the next day and I tattooed what Amanda had written on her after the concert. It was an awesome moment for this young lady and myself and a memory I will cherish always.


When your candle burns out I will resurrect you 
She runs through fields of daisies 
Yeah it’s just a shame that they eat their own babies 
Who cares cause the air is free 
When you get there will you kiss the dead for me? 

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We smoke the toenails and hair of the wise man under a black god’s thumb
We dance like painted puppets
She bleeds orgasm in technicolor: an ocean of alien mystery
We eat the wise man’s eyes for sight, that we might see the darkness if we kill the lights fast enough
We eat the brain and pray that our eyes can open wide enough
We burn the dry shell, a funeral chant
The pulse quickens and we dance as the blossoms fall, a scattering of dust to the winds, this celebration of old skin
I feel every flower that is screaming to consume you, the earth and sky your cradle, the earth and sky entomb you
So is the way of forever
Teeming with simple cruelties
Beatings in cold rooms
Hands and head not found

Really felt this deserved to be a double feature, so I uploaded it myself. Hopefully Rotten Records won’t be sueing me anytime soon.

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