Done #drawing this #dragon for tonight. #angelmaeglutz #mzxiii

[anons allowed]
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  • æ : tell 5 things about your best friend
  • ✌: share 5 things that you really want
  • ☮ : share 5 favourite movies
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I got in so much trouble for telling this joke.

Totally worth it.



I cannot express in words how incredibly relevant this is to my life right now! LOL! I love it!

LMAO pt.2

Facebook gossipers have informed me that Tuesday has befriended BlackRock on her new profile. That is so incredibly fucking low. I can’t even really wrap my head around the fact that she would keep the company of a known fucking sociopath whose emotional abuse nearly killed me… but I’m not who she needs to associate with anymore… wow!

Well, I guess if all the people who have used me, abused me, taken advantage of me, betrayed my trust, or hurt me in any way all associate with one another I know two things.

1. I know exactly who to avoid.

2. I know the gossip about me will be monumental.

Doin’ werk. #dragon #linedrawing #wip #angelmaeglutz #mzxiii

Will there ever be a time that this isn’t one of my favourite photos in existence?










Facebook suggested friend “Black Rock”

"Engaged to Uber Dami"

Comment: That was fast.
Reply: We’ve dated off and on for 8 years…

That lying sack of shit! He told me that he never dated her and that he actually hated going to CT goth events because for years she would tell people that she fucked him to make herself seem more cool. He said she was a compulsive liar. He said she was a slut who literally groupie fucked any “cool person” she met, like Enigma. He also said that she was oddly strange looking and he wouldn’t fuck her with someone else’s dick. I cannot help but wonder who he lied to more, me or her? That poor girl is in for a life of absolute bullshit if she marries that idiot. Good luck to her.

I should have made a new, private, facebook account sooner. I found out my best friend is anything but the best or a friend. Now I find out that the rumor I heard last month that my ex was going to marry his girlfriend of a month because he’s insanely keeping up with my life and can’t stand the thought of how happy I am without him is true. I mean it is his like 10th engagement so we’ll see if they actually make it to the altar… but goddamn, I have wasted so much time on some seriously mentally deficient individuals…

Thanks, facebook! ^_^

i can’t believe that tomorrow is the 1st of halloween

I was going through my laptop and found some random photos of lil’ ol’ me. That brief time last year that I was a blonde. Also, the day I decided that I needed grow sponge dinosaurs this past spring. There are dozens of random critter shaped sponges around my tub now. ^_^

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I’m a ghostie….

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