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15 Arguments No Guy Has Ever Won Against His Girlfriend (And Never Will)

So, I stumbled upon this article today and I’m just absolutely beside myself. It is upsetting, not only that enough women do these things that there is an article about it, but also that this article appears to have been written by a woman. Thanks for kicking that whole equality among the sexes thing right in the Xbox…

I decided to take this article and give my two cents on each fight scenario…

1. The “Be Honest” Fight. - I won’t be with someone who isn’t honest with me about everything. So, this wouldn’t even happen in the wonderful world of me. If you aren’t as big a stickler as I am about complete honesty then this might happen… if it does, lying is NOT the answer. If you are asked for your honest opinion, give it to them. Tact goes a long way though. Give the truth in a way that isn’t insulting. If she’s not psycho, the honesty will go a lot farther than a lie… if she is crazy, well, that’s on you, man. Stop messing with crazy women and you’ll be alright.
2. The “Why Were You Checking Her Out?” Fight. - It’s rude to openly gawk at someone else while out with your significant other. However, you can’t help but glimpse at attractive or interesting looking people. If you are staring so hard you walk into a closed door… well, that’s just rude. Shame on you. Apologize and try to be less obvious next time a dame catches your eye. If you glance at someone, then answer as honestly as you can while remaining tactful. If it turns into an argument, then it is likely that the woman you are with has some insecurities that will need to be dealt with if you want to have a happy healthy relationship together.
3. The “I Can’t Read Your Mind” Fight - STOP DOING THIS! It’s not just women who do this. Men do it too! NO ONE is a mind reader!!! If you aren’t comfortable with your s.o. going to that place or doing that thing, SAY SO! Any time you have to say, “Well, he should’ve known I didn’t mean it when I said I didn’t care if he went to the strip club,” it is YOU who did wrong. Not your spouse! Say what you mean and mean what you say! If your s.o. does this “read my mind” mess, RUN! That is a problem that never gets better.
4. The “I Caught You Looking At Porn” Fight - There is something creepy to me about a dude who doesn’t look at porn from time to time. A woman who wigs out about you looking at porn is dealing with her own issues. A lot of the time it is insecurity. They don’t feel sexy enough for you or something. Sometimes it is her moral fiber but, in situations I’ve witnessed, that is rarely the case. There are a few ways to deal with this that do not involve dishonesty. You can just let her be mad, you can stop watching porn, or you can invite her to watch it with you. Sneaking to do anything isn’t worth it, nor is lying. If she isn’t willing to compromise, then she might not be the gal for you.
5. The “Leaving Flirty Comments On Facebook” Fight - Was it a simple compliment or were you actually hitting on the person? If it’s just a compliment then your spouse is jealous because of personal insecurities and you can either help her through it or leave her. If you are actually hitting on someone else, then accept that you aren’t giving the current girlfriend the devotion she deserves and end things before you cheat or worse.
6. The “We’re Watching ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ Tonight” Fight - If you are forced to do something you don’t want to the point that it turns into a fight, you are with the wrong person.
7. The “Make More Of An Effort With My Friends” Fight - To my knowledge, this doesn’t happen with mature adults in healthy relationships.
8. The “I’m Drunk And Irrational And Need Attention” Fight - This actually happens? What are these women drinking?! If I’m feeling drunk, irrational, and attention starved, I cover my man in kisses, not insults. Picking a fight for attention is immature and pathetic.
9. The “Why Do You Still Have That Nude Photo?” Fight - If it’s a nude photo of someone you use to sleep with, that is pretty slimy, weird, and all manner of other derogatory, belittling adjectives. If she’s willing to stay with your creepy self after finding that then by all means, get rid of it. If it’s a playboy centerfold or something then see #4.
10. The “You Seriously Want To Chill With Your Bros More Than Me?” Fight - Assuming you aren’t cancelling dates, cheating, or otherwise being a jerk, this woman has issues. Bros before Hoes! Seriously. Everyone should know this.
11. The “You’re Coming To The Beyoncé Concert With Me” Fight - I would never force my s.o. to go to a concert they don’t like. That’s just rude and a waste of money. If your chick is doing this, she’s lame and you can tell her I said so.
12. The “I Found Something On Your Phone That I Didn’t Like” Fight - If she goes through your phone, the trust is broken. There is no relationship without trust. If she is looking for something, she doesn’t trust you. End of story. Next fight.
13. The “Why Are You Wishing Your Ex A Happy Birthday?” Fight - Every situation is different. Make sure there isn’t a reason this particular ex makes your current s.o. uncomfortable. If it’s nothing in particular, then that falls into her own insecurities that she needs to deal with. That’s not on you. If she puts it on you then she is ridiculous and you don’t need that nonsense in your life.
14. The “I Don’t Want To Leave This Party Early” Fight - Being stuck anywhere you don’t want to be is the worst! Try to find a friend she can carpool with at the end of the night, offer to come back and pick her up, etc… there are always better options than fighting over something so lame. If it’s a #8 situation… well, she’s dumb.
15. The “Tell Me You Love Me” Fight - This is just plain ol’ fashioned CREEPY! Yuck.

*shrug* I don’t know if any one is going to care about my two-cents here but I am just aggravated that this is a thing.

Dear Insecure, Melodramatic, Immature Women,

Just stop. Seriously. Stop. Whatever it is that you are doing, don’t do it.


Women who aren’t nuts.


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“Your real first love will make you realize that your first love wasn’t really your first love.”

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Where the hell are the Victorian Goths they should be all over this.


*shudders* oh the beauty


The past 24 hours have been anything but kind to me.

My son had some kind of emotional meltdown after his first day of school. So, he is staying with his grandparents again until we get him sorted out… the problem with working too many 2nd shift hours. He needs someone home while he is like this and I just can’t be.

My mom is going in for surgery today. After this she should only have one more procedure before she’s done with this whole mess. She’s been put under so many times now though that I worry a lot about her.

My kitten died this morning. When we got him, he was so anemic that his tongue was white. Despite all of our efforts, we just couldn’t get him back to full health. He was only here for a week… but now the house feels too silent and too empty. How can something so tiny leave such a big hole in its absence?

I’ve been having some serious stomach issues. If they don’t improve soon, I’m going to have to seek medical attention. Even with insurance, I hate even thinking about it.

The tattoo shop sold. In a few hours will be my first day working with the new owner. This is impacting my anxiety in a tremendous way. I don’ t know the guy and I don’t really know anything about him. So, I have no idea how today is going to go. Guess I’ll be finding out soon though.

I don’t know how many of you will actually read this or how many of you who do read it actually care… but if you are one of those people, please keep me in your thoughts today. I need all the good juju I can get.

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My little boy just got on the bus for his first day of middle school.

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I’m a very wealthy lady.

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